Multinational corporations, especially public companies, must effectively communicate not only with clients but also with investors and shareholders. Those companies are also required to regularly disclose documents required by regulators (such as
the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF)). All this means the necessity to translate
reports and financial statements, articles of association or internal procedures,
and the quality of these translations often determines the success of the business.
Our translators have expertise and experience not only in finance, but also in business, economics and law.

  • To ensure top notch quality, each translation is additionally proofread
    by a second translator specializing in the same field.
  • We use tools that ensure terminological consistency
    of the translated texts.


For years we have worked for the world's largest banks and financial institutions, translating, among others:

  • Reports and financial statements
  • Documents required by regulators
  • By-laws and regulations
  • Internal documents and procedures


At Artext, we know how important it is to ensure not only accurate
and reliable translations, but also confidentiality of the information provided to us.
All our client data is stored on a secure server and, additionally, protected by a password.
Access to the data is only available to those office employees
who process purchase orders.

    Our translation competences are confirmed
    by the ISO 17100: 2015 certificate